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The State of Tennessee has many statues that govern the recording of instruments in our office; therefore, the position of register of deeds requires an individual who has the ability to understand and apply those statues to the process of recording the various instruments in this office. In this office, you must constantly study and be aware of the laws which govern this office. The Smith County Register of Deeds office went on computer in June, 1999. All documents are recorded on a daily basis online, indexed and verified. Documents prior to June 1999 have been scanned in per page per document—30 years back. We are currently indexing these documents. All plats/surveys are online for public viewing which can be processed around the globe. This saves on postage and minimizes the wait time. *Negotiating a free public website for customers—The site will have all real estate documents from 1800 to present. 

County Register of Deed audits—Zero deficiencies every year.

In this job, it is most helpful to know and understand some real estate law.  There are reasons for all things to be precise and we strive to make sure all documents are precise and accurate. Our office strives every day to give each customer a good experience. When they walk away from our office, we want each person to know that we worked for you and that you are important to us.


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