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The Smith County Election Commission’s purpose is to conduct elections and to assist voters and candidates with voting and other election matters.  It is our desire to provide the information and tools necessary for you to cast your vote, run for office, or simply answer your questions. 

Register to Vote: You may register to vote by mail or in person, and soon you will be able to register online. If you move to or from Smith County, you need to register to vote in your new county. Voter registrations Do Not transfer from one county to another. The voter registration deadline is 30 days before an election.

Anytime you have a name or address change, please notify the election office of the change. A vast amount of staff time is spent updating and maintaining accurate records.

Where or when do I vote: For each election we provide early voting to every Smith County voter who wishes to vote before Election Day whether for convenience or being absent on Election Day. Early Voting is held at the Election Office. If you choose to wait until Election Day to vote, you must go to the polling place located in your precinct. Another option would be voting by mail which is available to voters age 60 and over and others who meet certain legal reasons.

Becoming a Candidate: If you are interested in running for office, you must meet the legal qualifications for the office you seek and then obtain a candidate petition from the election commission office. You will need 25 acceptable signatures from voters eligible to vote in your race and submit the signed petition to the election office by the qualifying deadline. The Smith County Election Commission will determine if you have met all the qualifications to have your name placed on the ballot.

Referendums: A referendum is a question on the ballot allowing the voters to decide the outcome. By law, only certain referendums are allowed on the ballot and very specific requirements must be met before a referendum can be placed on the ballot.

Our Office: We are responsible for all aspects of an election from helping voters become candidates, creating the ballot, training poll workers to maintaining voting equipment. Ultimately it is our job to report election results and in the days following an election, to audit and certify the results.

Our desire is to provide the best possible voting experience for Smith County voters. We constantly strive to improve our office and the election processes to provide an uncomplicated and private voting experience. If you have questions about voting, becoming a candidate, or if you are interested in being a poll worker, we will be happy to assist you.

You are invited to visit the Smith County Election Commission at:


122 Turner High Circle, Suite 105
Carthage, TN 37030

(615) 735-8241